Green Hydroponic Forage


It is a source of food for grazing animals that optimizes both the use of space and the raw material required for typical food, as well as being highly healthy and nutritious. It is based on the germination of forage seeds such as cereals and legumes, under controlled environmental conditions.

Among these conditions, the abundance of water and the limitation of the light input stand out. The forage is considered ready when it reaches approximately 25cm of height between stem and leaves, and not only this part is consumed but also the entanglement of roots and seeds.


  1. Water saving (exact amount is missing).
  2. Optimization in the use of space, since it can be grown vertically.
  3. Optimization of production time (from 10 to 12 days).
  4. Improvement in the quality of the food.


  1. Disinformation and prejudice to this type of technology.
  2. High installation cost.